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One App For ANY Claim

Route, schedule, and organize ALL your claims in one app!  Scope.claims is the missing ingredient for adjusters and other service providers.


Next Level Claim Handling!

Unified Claim Management

Unified Claim Management

Manage all your claims from any source. Email, XA, Claims Connect and more.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Keep track of your appointments, inspection with built-in calendar and status tracking.

Single View

View all your claim info from a single page. No more flipping between apps.

Claim Routing

Find the fastest way from A to B, in the fastest way!  No more copy/paste addresses. 

Organized Claims

Organized Claims

Manage all your claims/project from start to finish.  Know all the details in one app!

XactAnalysis Integration

View all the claim info from XA within Scope.claims. Stop flipping between tabs.


No more flipping between tabs and copy/paste info from one app to the next.  


Perfect for Adjusters

Adjusters, you now have a single app to manage any claim from any Carrier or any IA Firm or any other claim management system including XactAnalysis, Claims Connect, File Trac or direct email.

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Map, Schedule & Manage

Adjusters, you can now map, route, schedule and manage all your claims for FREE with Scope.claims. Measure distance between claims, schedule on the built-in calendar and more.

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Fastest Photo Labeling Tool

Start labeling 80-photo claims in 2 minutes or less with the fastest and easiest photo labeling tool - Caption Builder!

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