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We’re a team of creative and experienced adjusters and developers. We know what is needed and more than that, we know what your customers want from you.

Deliver a high quality claim management system

Support our adjusters and insurers

Streamline the claim process

Improve customer service for the adjuster, insurer and insured

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Scope.claims is a priceless tool that helps me manage all my claims for free! No more copying and pasting into countless other apps.

Scope.claims is an awesome addition to my claims arsenal. The creator is very thorough and open to questions/comments! It has just about everything I need to make claims run smoothly, and I only see it improving with time. I really look forward to seeing it grow!!! If you are an adjuster, you definitely have to try this program out!!!

Abi Marye

Love this tool! I finally have the ability to see all my claims that come from so many different sources and track them in 1 place, measure drive time with a click and it's FREE! What more could I ask for!

Daily Adjuster
Richard Hossein
Daily Adjuster

Perfect! Thank you for creating a much needed app in the claims industry. The calendar integration is great. The photo labeling tool is the by far the easiest to use. I love the click and auto-paste feature and the Claim Connector tool. This is the one-stop shop for all things adjusting!

CAT Adjuster
Sarah Johnson
CAT Adjuster
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