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The Latest News about Project Managment, Adjusting and More.

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New Updates at Scope.claims - The Adjuster's Claims Management System

We have added some new features to Scope.claims that we think you'll be excited about!  As always, our CMS is here to provide a FREE management system to any field adjuster.  We hope that you enjoy these new updates! Action Buttons&nbs...
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Xactimate Training, Is The Classroom Worth The Expense?

With the advancement of technology and companies (individuals) pushing out free YouTube videos for Xactimate training, is attending a Xactimate training course in the classroom worth the expense?  Can one learn enough from YouTube...
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Xactimate Photo Labeling - 60 Photos In 60 Seconds

Caption Builder is proven to be the fastest and easiest way to label photos for adjusters compared to the alternatives.  Adjuster may spend anywhere from 30 mintues to 1 hour labeling photos.  Which is an important process and worth th...
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5 Steps To Become An Insurance Claims Adjuster

Any career path requires a dedicated individual willing to take the necessary steps for success.  I'll show you how to get started on a rewarding career called "Insurance Claims Adjusting"! Before explaining the step by step instructions, h...
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What is Scope.claims?

Successful insurance adjusters must have an efficient system to manage their claim(s) from received to closed. Organization, efficiency and time savings is why Scope.claims was built. All the information needed to... Receive claimsInspect claims...
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How to Import and Label Photos in Xactimate - THE BEST WAY

8,000 photos a month is what the average adjuster takes.  That is a lot of photos!  An adjuster should have a good system for getting those photos imported into Xactimate and labeled or he/she will soon find themselves up at ...
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