Photo labeling tool for adjusters.  Copy/paste pre-made text into Xactimate, Symbility or any program.  

Caption Builder (Online)

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Independent adjusters use Caption Builder to organize and create a streamlined flow of photo descriptions that are automatically inserted into Xactimate (or any estimating program).  

All you have to do is click the caption card and it will be inserted where ever the cursor was placed, i.e. Xactimate photo description box.

Then repeat the process. 

Click, Click, Click... that's how fast you can label photos with Caption Builder. 


Caption Builder Dashboard
Caption Builder Dashboard


Water Claim Demo


Hail Claim Demo

To get started with Caption Builder, we must understand the format in which the captions are built.   

The text you see in this image is a typical photo description that is inserted into Xactimate, Symbility, Simsol photo description box.  

Each part of the caption text is easily interchangeable and inserted with just a click.  

Good photo reports tell the story.  Using the Caption Builder format tells the story of each photo:

  1. Location, Location, Location. 
  2. How is it damaged and/or what caused the damage.
  3. What is damaged (the actual item in the photo).

Categories are a group of captions.  

Captions can be grouped by building area, scope flow, or common damages found within a certain type of claim. You can even create a category that has specific carrier requirements. 

  • The ALL category contains all the captions (this category cannot be edited).
  • Click & Hold to drag the categories to rearrange them to your desired order. 
  • You can create as many categories as you desire.

Caption Builder Categories

Prefixes (or Tags) are text that is displayed prior to the caption.  For example, Prefix/Location 1 has different types of building names.  Select a building name, i.e. Dwelling, and then select the caption "Front Overview" and the text that will be copied to your computer's clipboard is "Dwelling : Front Overview". 

Now, select the next caption card "Address Verification" and the complete caption will read, "Dwelling : Address Verification". 

You can add 4 prefixes to make an entire caption read something like this:  "Dwelling : Main Level : Bathroom : Ceiling : water damage to drywall on ceiling". 

Each prefix is optional so you can mix and match as needed. 

Adding quick (favorite) prefixes has changed from the old version of Caption Builder.  It's even better!  ?

Now you can add your favorite prefixes to each card.  

Check out this video to learn how it's done. ?  


To create a caption, drag photos from your computer (or click the "Click Here") to the box located at the bottom of each selected category.

  • The captions will initially appear in the selected category only.  You can add them to other categories by double-clicking that category and adding existing captions. 
  • The best way to create new captions is to just use photos from your claims.

NOTE:  Only upload photos with small file sizes (less than 200kb).  If not it will take a while to load the photos and the system will appear as if it is frozen.

Caption Builder New Captions


Once completed, you'll be asked to give each photo a name (or caption).  You can give the caption whatever name you would like.  Once completed all the captions will be added to the currently selected category. 

At the bottom of the category list, there is a "+" button.  Click to create a new category.  

Give the category a name.

Add existing (already in your account) captions to this new category. 

Select prefixes to assign to the category.  When these prefixes are selected the category will be distinguished in bold. 


Caption Builder Add Category

Sometimes the best way to lean the gist of Caption Builder is to see some demo videos.  Check out all the demo videos in our community video page

We are uploading demos all the time so check back regularly.  ?


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