Add Scope.claims to your Mobile Device

Scope.claims is a progressive web-app meaning that it uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience. 🤔

So, to get Scope.claims like a native app on your mobile device, go to https://app.scope.claims in your browser on your mobile device. 


Send Claims from XactAnalysis

In XactAnalysis you can add your Scope.claims email address as a Contact Method and then add a Notification Rule.  

Adding Claims Manually

Adding claims manually is quick and easy.  

The only fields you need to enter is the:

  1. Insured Name
  2. Loss location

Click the "+" in the left-hand menu and fill in the desired fields. 

Forward Your Assignments into Scope.claims via Gmail

To reduce double data entry, you can forward any emailed assignment into Scope.claims.

For example, you received an email from XactAnalysis telling you that you have a new claim 🙌 and within the email are the details of the assignment...so forward that email into Scope.claims!  

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