Efficient Claims Handling Comes with Better Management

Scope.claims is built from the field up!

Independent adjusters need a personal claims management system, it's a fact. 👊

It's most likely that you already have a make-shift system in place. Even if that system is simply... receive an email, call insured, inspect loss and submit report.

Pretty straight forward and simple right?

However, this system falls short when you are assigned 3, 4, 10, 50 claims at once.

😭 How do you keep track of all those claims?

Scope.claims is your answer! 🎉

Whatever your "system" may be, having a FREE CMS in your pocket to aid you in;

  • mapping,
  • routing,
  • scheduling,
  • status-tracking,
  • notes,
  • documents
  • and more

...is a no brainer. When your work-load starts to pile up, smart adjusters have a scalable system in place.

Scope.claims gives you all the tools you need and already use in 1 app! Oh, and it's FREE!

If you want to do 700 claims a year versus 500, the key is organization and better yet, simple organization. That's the power of Scope.claims.

It's Time to ditch the notepad

Let's be the adjuster that outperforms in quality and quantity.

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