Claims Management System Built For You!

Map, Route, Schedule, Measure, Comment, Document and more!

A usable map of all your claims

An interactive map with all your claims plotted for fast and easy scheduling decisions.

See new claims on map

Add claims to the calendar

View your route for the day

View time and mileage between claims

Independent Adjuster Claim Map

Track your claim status and make educated decisions in an instant

View all your claims, track YOUR status and close more! That's the goal.

View all your claims

Track your status

Google street and aerial views

Track by IA Firm, Carrier, Type of Loss and more

Independent Adjuster Claim Details

Manage your guidelines and notes in one place

So many guidelines, so many changes to follow. Be organized and find answers immediately with Guidelines.

Instant search for answers

Tag guidelines/notes by carrier, IA firm and more

Add text, images, videos and more

Independent Adjuster Claim Status

Reduce double data entry

Automatically forward your assignments into reduce clicking/pasting in other map apps.

View all claims on a single map

Color coded markers based on status

Schedule claims more precisely insurance adjusters

Measure time and distance between claims.

More claims come from better cycle times. Better cycle times come (in part) by making better scheduling decisions.

Set home (deployed) address

Click 2 claims to see the distance between claims

See entire route of scheduled claims for the day

Insurance adjuster scheduling

Mobile ready

Take your appointments, notes and all claims with you on the go!

Works with any device

All claims located in one app

See your personal notes and status to stay on track

Independent Adjuster App Independent Adjuster App

Set inspection date/time and sync with Google Calendar

Manage your schedule and sync with your Google Calendar

Two-way sync

Set all your inspections with date and time

Better scheduling makes better adjusters

Insurance adjuster inspections

Forget the inbox. Send messages from inside the claim.

Does your inbox get full of notes, comments and new claims? It's time to auto sort those emails directly to the claim they belong to.

Sort emails by claim number

A clean inbox means less stress

Send messages quickly to the insured, claim manager, rep and more

Independent Adjuster Messenger

Ready to go? You're in the right place!