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Photo Labeling Gets Old

Label your claim photos in seconds...not minutes! Caption Builder

1-2 seconds per photo! Can't beat that anywhere!


Watch these short demo videos to see Caption Builder in action!

Hail Claim Demo
Water Claim Demo
Flood Claim Demo

Any & All Photo Captions

1,000,000+ photo caption combinations visible on 1 page , accessed with a click and automatically inserted into Xactimate, Symbility or Simsol.
Try and do that with Autohotkeys, Xact Note Template, Dragon Speak, Word or Excel. You can't! The Caption Builder feature in will change your adjusting career, forever!

Caption Builder

Storm-Specific Categories of Captions

Imagine quickly changing all your captions to match a specific storm event. Imagine applying multiple damage description to any type of building component. So many options provide EVERY adjuster the flexibility and customization to match any caption to any claim for any carrier, for any IA firm and for any type of loss!

Caption Builder

Adjusters On-site

Captions Made

Claims Managed

Awesome Photo Reports

Claim Connector

Connect Builder to your computer via the Claim Connector for automatic insertion of the captions.
It's as simple as clicking a caption in Caption Builder and watching it inserted in the photo description field of Xactimate, Symbility or any program.
The EASIEST photo labeling tool for adjusters!

Caption Builder Claim Connector

Damage Descriptions for Any Loss

Hail, wind, fire, flood, vandalism, flying debris, water, flood, non-storm related, name it. Any building component can be described with any damage description. Non storm related or storm related, it doesn't matter. All are accessible with a simple click.

Caption Builder Damage Descriptions

Building Component Categories

20+ categories of different building components are available by default. Adjusters can create additional categories for other building components (commercial vents, farm/ranch common photo caption, etc.) or create categories per carrier, IA Firm, loss type or anything you can imagine!

Caption Builder Categories

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Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question? We've got answers. If you have more questions, contact us in the chat box or visit our docs for more info and tutorials.

Does it work with any version of Xactimate?

Absolutely! v28, X1, Online, Desktop. You can access Caption Builder via a mobile device however it is not efficient to label photos with ANY tool via a mobile device.

What does it cost to add this feature to

Visit our pricing page to learn more about adding this feature to your account.

Is there a trial version of Caption Builder?

Yes! There is a 7-day FREE trial of the Caption Builder feature. We know that you'll love it!

Does it integrate with my Xactimate?

Yes. Absolutely! Upon sign-up you can download the "Claim Connector" tool which will automatically insert the caption inside the photo description box.

How many custom categories can I create?


Can I cancel my subscription between storms?

Yes, absolutely! Pause your subscription during the off season and you keep all your settings in tact.

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