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How to Import and Label Photos in Xactimate - THE BEST WAY

label-photosHow to Import and Label Photos in Xactimate - THE BEST WAY How to Import and Label Photos in Xactimate - THE BEST WAY

8,000 photos a month is what the average adjuster takes.  That is a lot of photos!  An adjuster should have a good system for getting those photos imported into Xactimate and labeled or he/she will soon find themselves up at 2 am, smashing their computer or sadly out of work because their running further and further behind. 

Here is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to import and label your photos in Xactimate.  Works all the time and for any type of property claim.


A good photo description answers these questions:

  1. Where is it at?
  2. Is it damaged?
  3. What is it?
It's a pretty simple description but from time to time it can be challenging to put these details in a photo description.  

Here is an example of good photo description created in Caption Builder that answers all the questions needed.
Caption Builder Format

To be a "good" adjuster means good photo reports. So let's make them a priority in our adjusting career.


Drag an drop is about the easiest way to add photos into the Xactimate estimate.
  • Click on the Photo icon in the top-left of the estimate
  • Open file explorer (in Windows)
  • Ctrl + A to select all photos
  • Drag (hold left mouse button) and drop the photos into Xactimate photo box


Did you know the average adjuster spends 30 minutes labeling photos?  But with Caption Builder (an app designed specifically for labeling photos) the adjuster can do it 2 minutes or less.

  • Download Caption Builder
  • Select the Building Name in Location 1 prefix
  • Click on the desired cards (auto copies) then paste into Xactimate photo description
  • Select the Roof Slopes or Elevation or Levels in Location 2 prefix
  • Click on the desire cards (auto copies) then paste into Xactimate photo description

Photo Labeling in Xactimate Video 

Photo Labeling in Symbility Video 



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August 13, 2020
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